Sunday, July 23, 2017

Our School Room

The Mother's Heart is the Child's School Room

We do not school just in a room . . . we truly homeschool everywhere in our home.

. . . sometimes it's curled up together reading a book

. . . sometimes it's tasting new things even when they are "yucky!"

. . . sometimes the dining room table is turned into a laboratory

. . . sometimes it's on the floor learning with toys

. . . sometimes it's hands-on with a basket of quilted letters and a sweet book

. . . sometimes it's finding a quiet spot

. . . sometimes it's a FUN field trip!

 . . . sometimes it's mixing an exciting concoction wearing a lab coat & goggles

. . . sometimes it's making a mess together in the kitchen 

. . . sometimes it travels with us - like visiting Nana & Papa

 . . . sometimes it's having someone to love beside you

. . . sometimes it's finding something to do for P.E. like ice skating

. . . sometimes it's pausing and having something to think about

 . . . sometimes it's exploring nature  

and drawing in our journals

. . . and sometimes, it's discovering squishy mud and making mud puddle soup!

. . . yet oftentimes, it's snuggled up under a blanket reading lots of books!

But, we did organize and create a learning space in our home . . .
which houses all the goodies we use to keep learning FUN!

we may just school in here, too! 

"Our School Room" originally posted August 10, 2014, but has remained the same over the years - 

my heart is their school room.

Friday, July 7, 2017

7.7.2017 Journaled Thoughts

Pieces of my Heart

  • In my life this month…

  • I'm home again!  I've been on a month long adventure traveling with family in an RV.  I've got piles and piles and piles of things to catch up on and July is already proving to be super busy.   
  • In our homeschool this month…

  • We've enjoyed lots of learning moments during our travels.  The lessons unfolded naturally.  We went over the rivers, and through the woods, with grandparents' house in tow!   Lessons unfolded among the trees, on the beach, with family, and even within the walls of a castle!

     On the agenda is to finish up year-end reports and decide on final curricula choices for the next school year ....ACK!!!-- next month already it starts!
  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

  • I'm thoroughly excited to see my family back at home.  I missed them greatly while the two little girls and I were away. People and places-- I'm really hoping to keep it minimal with home and church and the usual grocery store runs. We do have grandparents coming to visit in a few weeks, too.
  • My favorite thing this past month…

  • I've encountered so many special things this past month that it is far too hard to choose.  The time spent traveling with family was an opportunity to really see and do things that otherwise I may not have ever had the ability to do.  The beautiful Redwood forests, the full rivers once again flowing after the years of drought, the sand between our toes on the beach, a petrified forest, and so much more.  It was all a blessing and I'm unable to choose one favorite thing.
  • What’s working/not working for us…

  • Everything is working at the moment, but I know that things could be working better.  We are still on summer school rhythm which is always easier than the longer homeschool days, but I know that I want this relaxed feeling to carry on throughout our learning days and not just over the breaks.  I'm just not sure 'how' to make things easier, right at the moment, with all the piles surrounding me from our return home but I know when the time comes, a new home and homeschool rhythm will unfold and a routine will once again fall into place.
  • Homeschool thoughts I have…

  • Books have now arrived and final choices still need to be looked at and prayed over.  I read a something today that summed up my heart:

    1. Always put God first, all things must line up with His teachings.
    2. Actively seek His will.
    3. Develop and foster meaningful relationship within our community.
    4. Pray over, Seek, and Pursue interests.

    My heart's desire is to not only start strong, but I prayerfully want to finish strong.
  • A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

  • These are the lessons unfolded that I want to keep etched on my heart and mind . . .

    An impromptu map lesson between a child and grandparent.  There was  . . .
"someone to love; something to do; and something to think about."


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