Monday, March 5, 2018

Little bits about me - Beauty

  1. Eyelash Curler - Not usually.  I'm just not fond of messing with my eyes too much.

  2. Favorite Nail Shade - It's called Wood Lake - a gel and regular polish.  We have an LED gel lamp that cures the nail polish to do our own gel nails. I love this color and that I get to match my toenails, but I generally only have my toes done and only paint my finger nails for special occasions.   I also enjoy Sally Hansen's Insta Dri Grease Lightning - grey! 

  3. Favorite Lipstick Shade - Trendy Mauve by Lancome.

  4. Blow Dry or Air Hair - Both depending on my mood and plans for the day.  In the winter, I usually choose to blow dry because it's too cold!

  5. Artificial Nails - Not really, but I will for a special moment - like a daughter's wedding.

  6. Foundations - When I wear make-up, yes, but 6 out of 7 days, I enjoy no make-up.

  7. Hair up or Hair down - Both!  If I am working around the house or cooking - it's up, but if I am going out somewhere, I'll have it down.  I always keep a clip with me to pull it up if I get hot, too!

  8. Bar soap or Body wash - Both!  I primarily use Dr. Woods Raw Black Soap in liquid form, but I do like goats milk based oatmeal soap bars.

  9. Bath or Shower - Shower!  Even though we have a jacuzzi tub, it doesn't feel deep enough and I get too cold.  I'd rather take a really quick hot shower and relax after with a warm blanket.

  10. Favorite Body Lotion - I haven't really found a favorite, even though I buy lots of it.  I keep looking for a natural lotion that smells nice but doesn't leave me greasy - and doesn't cost a fortune. -- any suggestions??  I received a gift of Bath & Body Works aromatherapy lotion and really love the feel and smell, but I'm not sure how I feel about the ingredients.

  11. Perfume - If essential oils counts as perfume, then yes!  I like Stress Away by Young Living.

  12. Shave legs every day - Every other day!  I use a 5 blade razor my husband introduced to me and I use his sensitive skin shaving cream, too! 

  13. Favorite lip balm - Lypsyl - it's a necessity for my continual chapped lips.  It's so dry up on the mountain, so I carry one around in my pocket!

  14. How old was I when I first started wearing make-up? - I'm thinking I was around 13 years old when my mama let me wear lip gloss and pressed powder, but was 16 when she expanded the rules.  House rule was that we were to look natural and not made-up or it was no make-up.  I've pretty much carried the rule into our house now with raising 5 girls, and I'm really happy that in our little mountain town that my girls are comfortable without wearing much make-up.  Often times, we are all without make-up.


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