Monday, April 2, 2018

Little bits about me - Spring

 1.  What 3 colors remind you most of Spring?  Yellows, peachy-orange, and pinks.

 2.  What is the first thing you add to your wardrobe in Spring?  Flip-flops! 

 3.  What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring?  I'd say long sleeves, but I still layer usually with a sweater.

 4.  Who mows the grass where you live?  My husband tractors the grass and our goats will graze on some also.

 5.  What's Spring like where you live?  It's like all 4 seasons each day!  We often still get snow in the Spring, so our mornings are icy cold.  Then it will warm up throughout the day and the blossoms will start enjoying the sunshine.  As evening rolls around, the crisp, cool air of autumn offers a beautiful breeze.

 6.  What is your favorite thing about Spring?  I know my LEAST favorite thing is the time change - I think it's still haunting me as I type this, but my favorite part is a culmination of -- homeschool winding down, more field trips, picnics, opening up doors and windows, and just overall beauty of new things blooming.

 7.  Are you a Spring Cleaner?  I'm an all-year-round cleaner, but I do think I get more done in the Spring.

 8.  Are you a Baseball fan?  Not really a fan per se, but if I had to go and sit through a sporting event, baseball would be better than most.

 9.  Tulips or Daffodils?  I love the surprise of daffodils popping up every year, but I think I'd prefer a handful of cut tulips on my table.

10.  Favorite Outdoor Spring Activity?  Going on picnics, wading in waves of the ocean before the crowds of summer, and outdoor BBQ dinners.

11.  Flowers in the garden or in pots?  I love both, but the ones in pots seem to live longer for me.

12.  Favorite bird.  I have fond memories of hummingbirds.  I remember them at my great grandmother's house and loved finding their nests and seeing their small eggs.

13.  Car wash or wash vehicles at home?  We have a monthly car wash pass that uses recycled water and is overall better for us.  It allows us to get our car washed as often as needed and includes interior cleaning, too.

14.  When do you pull out your sandals?  Despite it still being cold, I've already pulled them out. I have super tender feet and much prefer fuzzy socks to any kind of shoe, but flip-flops are second in line - easy to put on, protect the bottom of my feet and don't give me a restricted type of feeling.


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