Sunday, March 31, 2019

Goodbye 3rd Month

In like a lamb, out like a lion ...

I tend to think that for us March began roaring with busy because of our unplanned downtime and then slowed down to a better pace that was a little more gentle like a lamb.  A need for this mama.  My goals were a a bit off from what I hoped, but accomplishing some is better than none and seeing things planned out is working well. 

-:- get to bed earlier
Yes and no.  I tried, but many nights I struggled to fall asleep. 

-:- resume reading my Bible in 90-180 days 
I'm not meeting this goal very well for 90 days, but I will continue and work towards the 180 days.

-:- HOMESCHOOL - we need to find a rhythm here and push forward
Big yes!  We pushed through a LOT of school and made great strides.  I read aloud a lot of books and completely finished nearly all scheduled books for the entire school year.  

-:- do another puzzle - a quiet activity
Yes!  Although I will admit that I did this on the very last day of March.  I wasn't feeling all that great with back pain and ear troubles, so I started in the morning and finished it before going to bed.

-:- a date with dear husband
Yes!  We had a really nice and simple breakfast.  I loved that it cost under $15 for our date.

-:- renew our membership and visit our local animal rehabilitation zoo
Yes!  We did visit the zoo.  It was a very, very short visit and on a day when we had zero energy after visiting Urgent Care, but we took the time to just be outdoors in the sunshine.  The weather at the bottom of the mountain was much warmer and felt so good in comparison to the bitter cold.  I am always amazed at the 15 degree temperature difference.

-:- celebrate 14 with daughter E!
Yes!  Late and not at all like usual, but she did pick our her very own cake  and we enjoyed blessing her with gifts.

-:- Purim party 
Yes!  We had a very simple gathering with just the girls and I.  We ate hamantashen - tradition- and read a few books. 

-:- plan something special for the 1st day of spring (dye eggs)
Yes!  It was such a blessing.  We colored eggs, had fun, and enjoyed a bunch of stuffed eggs.

-:- pray over and choose books for upcoming school year
Yes!  I did make a decision and hope to write a post soon.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

"hold that thought" - Esperanza Rising

I wish I would have known about Book Darts when I first started reading!  They weren't actually a thing way back then.   There are so many good lines in books that speak to the heart and without writing them down in a reading journal of some kind, they are often just a memory that gets mixed up and forgotten.  Read Aloud Revival introduced us to them for our reading journals.  I have not been so faithful at writing them down, but maybe typing them out will work for me to get in the habit.

Better late than never!  These are my darts that I want to remember.

"hold that thought"

Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan 

He picked up a handful of earth and studied it.  "Did you know that when you lie down on the land, you can feel it breathe?  That you can feel its heart beating?"

"Shhh," he said.  "You can only feel the earth's heartbeat when you are still and quiet."

Esperanza felt her heart drop.  A noise came from her mouth and slowly, her first breath of grief grew into a tormented cry.  She feel to her knees and sank into a dark hole of despair and disbelief.

Abuelita said the rosehip contained the memories of the roses and when you drank tea made from it, you took in all the beauty that the plant had known.

"Look at the zigzag of the blanket.  Mountains and valleys.  Right now you are in the bottom of the valley and your problems loom big around you.  But soon, you will be at the top of a mountain again."

Papa's words:  Wait for a little while and the fruit will fall into your hand.

Esperanza smiled and reached over and gently pulled the yarn, unraveling the uneven stitches.  Then she looked into Isabel's trusting eyes and said, "Do not ever be afraid to start over."

Friday, March 29, 2019

Counting it All Joy! - March 29th

315  | healthier days
316  | a walk at the zoo
317  | so many beautiful snow days
318  | homemade granola - and the humbled pause
319  | many more days of rain
320  | coffee scented candles
321  | remembering Esther - Purim
322  | Springtime coloring eggs
323  | a breakfast date with dear husband
324  | beeswax candles
325  | little vintage finds
326  | reading LOTS books with my girls
327  | daughter M's upcoming wedding
328  | dried roses
329  | mud puddles
330  | rain boots
331  | hand sewing
332  | music of the rain dancing
333  | full propane tank
334  | the brief silence of an empty room
335  | a decision on next year's curricula
336  | little jars full of flowers
337  | the tweets of birds outdoors
338  | the gift to write out my heart

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Slow Moments - the recovery days

...because each day of flickering light is a reminder of the burden that was carried on that cross - the GRACE.  I have since started lighting and moving only 1 candle since continuing to light a greater number seemed a little scary.

...because slow cooked corned beef is tradition.

...because our almond tree is faithful and blooms every year.  Giving praise after the drought!

...because she is self teaching crochet.

...because the story of Esther reminds us to be faithful and let the Father's plan unfold.

...because these roses dried so beautifully!

...because doing a puzzle was part of my March goal and it was a perfect activity on a day when my back ached.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Simple Woman's Daybook - March 25th

 For today, March 25th

Looking out my window . . .

The sun is shining so bright and bringing welcomed warmth.  As I did dishes, I actually had to tilt the blinds to keep the the blinding light away from my eyes.  I could feel the heat and it felt amazing to open up the doors and windows for a slight bit to fill the house with fresh air.  So needed!  Rain is back in the forecast mid-week.  We prayed for rain and I love to watch the answers to prayer to be unfolded before me.

I am thinking . . .

about sharing my blog public again.  I've really missed the connection and as a dear friend shared, I can either be unheard or I can be vulnerable, brave and share my heart.  I'm torn over this entire decision process because it brings angst knowing that others are seeing some of the raw pieces of my heart in words.  I don't want my writing to be hindered because I fret over what others think of me.

One of my favorite things . . .

Books!  I really have too many, but it's the hardest thing to part with but they are overtaking our home.  Last week I read so many books aloud with my girls that I literally lost my voice!  The entire weekend, my voice was cracking.  The best excuse to have no voice is to say you read so many books to your children.

I am creating . . . 

a list of upcoming ideas for the coming school year.  I feel I really need a fresh beginning.  I found it in the form of a curriculum package so I am busy creating a few things that I hope to share with others. 

I am wearing . . . 

fleece pajama bottoms, a tank under a t-shirt and up to my knee warm fuzzy socks.  The mornings are cold and I'm off to slow Monday morning.

I am listening to . . . 

the dogs' paws on the wood floor walking around me.

I am hoping . . .

that I can keep up the rhythm of reading so many books with my girls. 

I am learning . . .

about our new upcoming curriculum.  It feels like "me" in it's teaching methods - love of books and even a tea time!  I smile just thinking about the days of special moments to come!

A candle burning . . .

Cafe Al Fresco - a warm soothing scent of a coffee shop.

In my kitchen . . .

Monday - dear husband bringing it home since he's making a trip down the mountain!
Tuesday - Poppy Seed Chicken over steamed rice & broccoli
Wednesday  - Oven BBQ Chicken & wild rice & green beans
Thursday -  Chicken & Dumplings (trying again as I didn't make it the last time it was on the menu.)
Friday - Pot roast, steamed carrots and mashed potatoes.
Saturday - Date night out!
Sunday - Chicken piccata over angel hair pasta

A moment . . .

 Researching, pouring over the details, and hunting our bookshelves before buying a new curriculum.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Happy Spring - egg coloring


Happy 1st Day of Spring!

For many years we avoided coloring eggs and bunny type topics/activities around Passover/Easter. I didn’t want my girls to relate the really deep and humbling aspect behind the purpose of these dates to a bunny rabbit bringing them toys. It’s a me thing and I’m not judging those who do in any way... and not my purpose of sharing. I merely wanted to give a little background that my younger girls had never colored eggs. I was ever torn though over not coloring eggs. I can live without all the candy and basket frills, but there was beauty and fun in dyeing eggs and the treasure of keeping Family Tradition. I have fond memories as a child doing this with my siblings. I’ve read now of several families that color eggs on or around the first day of Spring and I was set to make this happen this year.  Oh how I wish I would have thought of this myself years ago. It was so much fun to just take the time to color eggs with my girls for a Spring activity and still keep a special tradition that I grew up with. 

And my neighbor found it funny that I asked her if I could please trade her our farm fresh brown eggs for her store bought white ones! We discovered the brown eggs don’t take to dyeing as well as white ones. We gave her several dozen extra, too. We also enjoyed a lot of stuffed eggs!   Note to self to try and get a hen next time that lays white eggs!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Slow Moments -A walk at the zoo

...because of the bear had a powerful slow walk.

...because we paused to just watch.

...because the water takes a picture of its neighbors.

...because the flowing creek was an answer to our prayers.

...because I stopped and absorbed the sunlight.  It felt so good after being so sick.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Commonplace Journal - gratitude

Gratitude is the sweet fragrance of an opening heart.
-Anne Belton

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Celebrating 14!


This day was celebrated differently than other years.  It was also very quiet and late.  We were still in recovery mode and just behind on life.  She felt better before I did, so she and her older sister M went out and she picked out her own cake.  Late party, and completely opposite her preemie entrance into the world at 33 weeks and a few days.  Colorful, just like the creativity of this dear daughter.  Sweet Oreo cake as sweet as her tender heart.  A beautiful moment of the gift of her life to us!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

slow moments - finding the normal

...because more snow means more slow, quiet winter days.

...because we were the "napping house" for a month - sweet book memory, too!

...because this view!  A pause to see the beauty even though dealing with sickness.

...because finding normal again meant making homemade trail mix.

...because flowers bring comfort in times of grief for a funeral we attended.

...because homemade granola every week smells so good and warms the kitchen during a snow storm.

...because filling these jars is a reminder to give thanks - some mama's don't know when or where their next meal will be.  The humbling pause.

...because this sweet girl knows I always have a snack for her.

...because this little one gives such sweet snuggles.  She always lays her head on my shoulder.

...because the journey to the cross is meant for pause and repentance.

...because this candle lights the path to forgiveness and grace.


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