Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Goodbye 4th Month - already!

This month crept in and then flew by!  I cannot believe that tomorrow will be May already.  I really want time to slow down.  It was a busy month and I got much more accomplished that I had hoped for and even got the privilege to enjoy a little out of state trip with my mom and girls and visit family and sneak in some fun field trips.  And, I enjoyed a few warm days with sandals and wildflowers - a cozy Spring!

-:- get to bed earlier - umm...I so wish, but I've had some late nights, especially with our trip.

-:- continue faithfully to read my Bible in 180 days- I am not doing so well at this, but I am going to keep moving forward and pray more for the Father's guidance in this area.

-:- go on a trip to visit the California Poppy Fields - Yes!!! and it was soooo beautiful!

-:- embrace the days of remembering the Promise and Grace - Passover/Easter was spent quietly at home.  I was in quite a bit of back pain and I missed church.  I still embraced the beauty and acceptance of His grace and savored the family time together.

-:- finish book orders and complete lesson plans - nearly complete with book orders and lesson plans took a little twist but so worth the effort.  Our books in pictures & lesson plans.

-:- continue monthly date with husband - we did a lot together but we did have children in tow.  We love this either way and treasure any time spent together.

-:- frozen yogurt treats  (an hour+ away since we don't have frozen yogurt in our town) - Yes!  Several times we found Yogurtland and stopped to enjoy some delicious frozen yogurt.  They had a special flavor this month - Boysenberry - Yum!!!  I especially loved that we found one at a road stop on our vacation.  It was an unexpected little find as the temperature outdoors was nearing the 100 degree mark.

-:- create - do egg craft for our music area - Yes!  I did take a quiet crafting day and fully enjoyed getting my hands all sticky and displaying the finished eggs on our piano.

-:- decorate a little for Spring- I'm not sure that I took any pictures, but I get to add bits of spring around our home.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Homeschool Planning - FREE Weekly Planner

I had a very productive weekend and upon sharing this photo on IG, I've received a lot of inquiries and wanted to share to hopefully encourage others in this same planning journey.

First off, Julie at A Gentle Feast has done all the work and what I did is not necessary unless you find a need to change or add something.  A Gentle Feast is truly a work of her heart and it shows in the book choices and the curriculum she has put together.

I'm a VERY visual person and after using Weekly Formats for nearly all my 17+ years of homeschooling, old habits die very hard.  I really wanted to embrace the FEAST as it was laid out, but I needed this weekly layout this first year and I needed it simple.  I had to make some necessary changes for my family as well.  I planned this with intent to include a Weekly Grid in my Morning Time Menu folder, which will have to be another blog post.

It's still a work in progress, as I've only completed Term 1, but I LOVE how the weeks started with lessons unfolding - ::wink, wink:: -  this was my visual inspiration that I needed.

How did I do it?  I will try my best to explain the process.
  • I started with the Cycle book list.  I looked through all the books scheduled for the Forms that I needed and knew there were several we had already read and I wanted to make some substitutions.  These I picked from a few of my favorite and trusted homeschool companies - Beautiful Feet, My Father's World, and Heart of Dakota and from my shelves - the books that I bought that sat collecting dust and needed to put be read.  - Special note here:  I spent many weeks, choosing our books carefully.  I didn't want to just fill a gap, but I wanted to try and tie in a more historical approach to our learning - specifically geared towards my 9th grader.
  •  I laid out all the books by subject and gave me that visual that I needed of seeing the books we will be using. SEE THIS POST
  • Looking at the documents (Cycle) in my A Gentle Feast account, I made the changes and added in math, language arts, etc.  I added some pops of color and changed fonts.  I learned how to do this from IG @wild.and.wonder
  • Then I took the Terms and started forming them into a Weekly Grid format which I created on Adobe Publisher.  Once the first week was created, it was fairly simple to DUPLICATE the next week and so on and make the necessary page number, chapter, or other changes to meet each week.

 I'm making the weekly grid available for a 

Free download and hope it helps you in your planning.

I don't know how to share an editable file, so I have made 5 different versions of the planning form, in hopes that you will find one that works to meet your needs.  

UPDATE:  I've since taken some extra time, to embellish this format with some lovely watercolor graphics.  Visit my Lesson Planning post to see this new set to download for free.

I hope that it blesses even just one family!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Curriculum Bookshelf 2019-2020

The book boxes were starting to scare me a bit!  I needed to get a visual on all these lovely books and how they will plan out, so I started laying them out in subject matter and taking pictures to share.  So this is my first layout that I will be working through to update and expand.  I also need to add in some books that I did choose to use as ebooks.  I'm a book lover hands down.  I love the feel of the covers, the smell of the binding cracking open, and turning the pages!

We will be using A Gentle Feast for the core program, but it's kind of evolved into a lovely potluck of all my favorites and heartfelt desires to learn beside and teach my girls together. 

I've been researching the book lists and choosing books for our upcoming school year that will form a beautiful feast that works for our family.  We are using books primarily from Cycle I - Forms II & III.

Our Menu




- Bible -  I wanted to include Journey through the Bible and Celebrate the Biblical Feasts.  They tie in so beautifully with our Ancient History focus.

- Beauty Loop - 
- Morning Time Menus - recitations, poetry, artists, & composers.  I have a teacher's menu which includes our weekly grid, attendance records and other pertinent papers.

Soup &  Salad

- Literature -

- Language Arts -  This will be our first year using A Gentle Feast Language Arts, so I'm a little nervous in this one area since I really like what we currently use (have them on back-up-just in case), but we are going to try to embrace as much of this curriculum as we can.  

Main Course

History and Citizenship - our family's primary focus is on Ancient History.  I've scheduled in American and British History also - if time allows.  I have 2 different main resources for Ancient History - Master Books and Guerber's by New Leaf Press.  I've scheduled both resources, but intend to drop one as they seem to duplicate much of the same information.  I want to compare/contrast for a while before I can make an official decision, but I really like the format and layout of the Master Books edition with narration questions and other ideas it offers.
We will also be enjoying some online video content over the year to enhance our learning.

I "might" be changing this to Bible maps - but still praying over it.  This map area is not fully available on the member's site until August, and we start school prior to that so I'm praying over switching this out to using a Bible Atlas to correlate with our Old Testament Bible journey.

Geography & Maps - I'm loving this new Special Edition maps book!  I think it will bring a lot of fun into our learning alongside what A Gentle Feast has planned.

- Book of Centuries - I debated on purchasing the suggested books, but it was not in our budget.  I found these to be similar in layout and much more affordable.

Science - Our primary resource will be Science in the Ancient World which focuses on a biographical approach to scientific discoveries. My older daughter will be going through Biology 101 in addition.  I'm really looking forward to the lessons unfolding! 

- Nature Studies and Journaling -

Math - Teaching Textbooks Algebra I and Math Lessons for a Living Education Book 5.  I was blessed to obtain the older version when it was offered as a free download - which I prefer this version due to the larger text and layout of the book. 

... and still working on Electives for 9th grader - Typing/Keyboard & Home Economics (part of this will be giving her charge of daily tea time!!).

Desserts - Tea Time

Handicrafts - I have had so much fun putting together some handicrafts for our tea time!   Art in History kits, wool felting kits, embroidery, papyrus art, brushwork, wax seals, and more!   Our first handicraft will be making challah covers for our Sabbath evenings.

and Physical Education - EXERCISE after all this feast will be needed!  I have a FitBit and my girls have off brand similar watches - so we will be counting our steps this year, adding in some aerobics and other videos to keep us active.

-Mother Culture-
I've wanted to learn Hand Lettering and bought this kit a while ago.  This box sat here collecting dust, so I'm going to try and make good use of it during tea time and hope my girls show some interest in my example.

I've also subscribed to Common Place Quarterly as part of my Mother Culture encouragement.

May the Lessons Unfold and root us deeper in faith!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Slow Moments - savoring the sunlight

...because this is natural beauty!

...because transformation is the intentional plan of His masterful work.

...because it's just amazing to watch this tree.

...because chicken and dumplings simmering on the stove was comfort food.

...because going out for frozen yogurt is a fun treat.  And Yogurtland has the best - really.

...because painting rocks made for handmade gift giving.

...because the sunlight caught my attention.
I treasure these windows and savor the sunlight while I can.  While another storm is coming this week - yay! - it's the upcoming heat that will force us to close these blinds.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Quiet Crafting - hymnal eggs

I saw this post and knew that I wanted to make a few for the top of our piano.  

Quiet, crafting and candlelight.  Languages of my heart.  Crafting is something I love doing, but just haven't felt up to it.  I needed to reserve my energy for the mandatory daily duties.  This year, I am intentionally trying to change that and find simple ways to bring crafting back to life and in ways that bring meaning.

These little eggs sang Springtime and hymns came to heart.  I had bought a packet of hymnal pages that matched our hymnals that we use for homeschool.  I wasn't sure what I would use them for at the time, but when I saw these decoupaged eggs, I knew that I could do this. 

I love how they looked displayed on our piano for Spring. They are ivory colored pages and added such a vintage touch that I had hoped.  The beauty behind them is that they are wrapped in words of worship.  They brought meaning to the craft and some special quiet time.  I did discover that using the original hymn pages, made them not smooth out very easily because of the thick paper, but I love how they turned out, lumpy and all!

Monday, April 22, 2019

New Life on the Farm

Meet Maverick 

A new quarterhorse addition.  It's amazing how quickly he got up and started his wobbly walk and then started skipping and running.  We have to play "Where's Maverick" - like Where's Waldo - because his buckskin coloring blends into the pasture and he is difficult to spot.  He seems fond of people thus far, but has a bit of spunk already.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Slow Moments - blooming beauty

...because this tree always brings pause when I see it.

...because teaching my daughter to cook is giving me some extra slow time.

...because I found a few pairs of super comfortable and inexpensive shoes.

...because bagging up trail mix is a rhythm now turned habit.

...because I needed her snuggles.

...because these little purple wildflowers blanket our pastures.

...because these almond blossoms scattered on the ground is bittersweet.  The blossoms will be gone but the almonds will appear.


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