Monday, April 29, 2019

Homeschool Planning - FREE Weekly Planner

I had a very productive weekend and upon sharing this photo on IG, I've received a lot of inquiries and wanted to share to hopefully encourage others in this same planning journey.

First off, Julie at A Gentle Feast has done all the work and what I did is not necessary unless you find a need to change or add something.  A Gentle Feast is truly a work of her heart and it shows in the book choices and the curriculum she has put together.

I'm a VERY visual person and after using Weekly Formats for nearly all my 17+ years of homeschooling, old habits die very hard.  I really wanted to embrace the FEAST as it was laid out, but I needed this weekly layout this first year and I needed it simple.  I had to make some necessary changes for my family as well.  I planned this with intent to include a Weekly Grid in my Morning Time Menu folder, which will have to be another blog post.

It's still a work in progress, as I've only completed Term 1, but I LOVE how the weeks started with lessons unfolding - ::wink, wink:: -  this was my visual inspiration that I needed.

How did I do it?  I will try my best to explain the process.
  • I started with the Cycle book list.  I looked through all the books scheduled for the Forms that I needed and knew there were several we had already read and I wanted to make some substitutions.  These I picked from a few of my favorite and trusted homeschool companies - Beautiful Feet, My Father's World, and Heart of Dakota and from my shelves - the books that I bought that sat collecting dust and needed to put be read.  - Special note here:  I spent many weeks, choosing our books carefully.  I didn't want to just fill a gap, but I wanted to try and tie in a more historical approach to our learning - specifically geared towards my 9th grader.
  •  I laid out all the books by subject and gave me that visual that I needed of seeing the books we will be using. SEE THIS POST
  • Looking at the documents (Cycle) in my A Gentle Feast account, I made the changes and added in math, language arts, etc.  I added some pops of color and changed fonts.  I learned how to do this from IG @wild.and.wonder
  • Then I took the Terms and started forming them into a Weekly Grid format which I created on Adobe Publisher.  Once the first week was created, it was fairly simple to DUPLICATE the next week and so on and make the necessary page number, chapter, or other changes to meet each week.

 I'm making the weekly grid available for a 

Free download and hope it helps you in your planning.

I don't know how to share an editable file, so I have made 5 different versions of the planning form, in hopes that you will find one that works to meet your needs.

UPDATE:  I've since taken some extra time, to embellish this format with some lovely watercolor graphics.  Visit my Lesson Planning post to see this new set to download for free.

I hope that it blesses even just one family!

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