Monday, June 24, 2019

Commonplace Journal - Make a Wish

Childhood dreams!  The wish upon a dandelion - but it is really that pause that matters.  The slow to bend down and pick up the magical fluff and then think for a moment of that dream to be fulfilled.  We know dandelions don't have powers, but it's the sweet child-like innocence that teaches us to see beauty in the little things around us - even the common weed.

And the dandelion does not stop growing,
because it is told it is a weed.

The dandelion does not care what others see.

It says, "One day, they'll be making
wishes upon me."

                                                 ~B. Atkinson

We can learn a lot from a dandelion!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Slow Moments - just because

...because this area is slowly getting re-organized.

...because storms lingered but the weeds grew and are still growing.

...just because.

...because a daughter who buried her baby a few months ago brings flowers in memory of our little stillborn boy - her brother from years ago.  This slow moment was a wave of grief with tears and an embrace that only two mama's who lost a child can understand.

...because bath time with bubbles brought both laughter and tears.  One loved it, the other did not.

...because a sleeping baby is precious.

...because Memorial Day brought moments of silenced - followed by deep gratitude.

Monday, June 10, 2019

10 on 10th - Summer Lovin'

Ten on the 10th of the Month

I missed April & May, but playing along in June.  This month's topic is Summer "must haves" but I kind of changed it up to what I love for Summer.  I have to admit that anytime I hear things advertised as "must have" I always get deep feelings of turmoil.  You know the titles "Must Have" shoes, purse, or fill in the blank.  I have what I need, more than what I must have or deserve. My heart desires to see through a different set of lenses - I must have vs. what others don't have and truly do need.  I feel so incredibly blessed - even on acres of dirt, no landscaping, dust everywhere, broken cabinets, stained carpets, and mismatched decor.  But I have a home, running water, food on the shelves, a bed to sleep in, and clothes - even if they cause the ever growing mountain of laundry.  I no longer look at laundry as a chore, but a gift.  My family has clothing.   Obviously, I still have things I love, and would love to have, but I don't view them as I must anymore and intentionally avoid the marketing tactic of those trying to tell me similarly.  When I paused and started looking at life in this manner, the blessings overflowed in everything around me. 

June - Summer Lovin'

  1. painted toenails & flip-flops

  2. campfire smore's - summer nights and family gatherings 
  3. sunglasses 

  4. beach trip - waves washing in with sand between the toes

  5. sun tea - love watching it brew with the sunshine

  6. bbq's

  7. farmer's market

  8. sunflowers 

  9. air conditioning that sadly we don't have

  10. ice cream / frozen yogurt

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Slow Moments - catching up with May

...because now that I've learned to dry roses, I love watching them slowly dry!

...because adding in pops of yellow is slowly preparing me for summer.

 ...because I caught him resting!

...because cake tasting gave me a lovely moment to go for a quiet drive and spend time with my daughter and future son-in-law.

...because my sister treated me to a package of foot treatments.

...because remembering to choose healthy comes with extra thought and preparation.

...because our sequoia trees are finally showing new life after years of drought.

 ...because this view brought pause and whispers of praise.

...because I will pull over for a field of wildflowers.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Field Trip - Botanical Cactus Garden

Claret Cup Cactus (Echinocereus triglochidiatus)

Eve's Needle (Eve's Pin Cactus)

Prickly Pear Cactus

Globe Mallow

Golden Barrel Cactus

Purple Pancake Cactus

Little jewels of the desert!  This field trip was another side trip at a Botanical Cactus Garden in Henderson, Nevada.  It was a small garden, but abundantly full of such beautiful blooming cactus.  It was self-guided as you walked on the cement sidewalks and just paused to see the amazing creations of prickly plants.  I wish I would have learned all the names and will have to investigate a little to learn what they are.  Or better, maybe have to make another long road trip and visit again.

My favorite was the Claret Cup Cactus with it's gorgeous coral color.  Wow!  We were so blessed on another day of wonderful weather.   The temperatures were fairly hot in the sun, but with the shade of the taller cactus plants and a few trees, it made for a nice walk.  Our time of year to visit in Spring seemed perfect.

This was really a breathtaking field trip!

Monday, June 3, 2019

June Rhythms

June is already starting off a bit rough for me.  I'm battling an infection that has really drained my energy tanks.  We've already had an unexpected thunderstorm that took our power out, and my daughter's wedding is creeping up quickly and there is still so much to do.

Let me try to list out what I hope to accomplish this month.

June Goals

-:- buy sunflowers for our table
-:- wedding preparation
-:- fill 5+ boxes with things to donate
-:- find the courage to 'write' in my Journaling Bible
-:- gather for Father's Day
-:- campfire s'mores night
-:- complete school reports
-:- celebrate anniversary

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Book Journal - Free Printable

In keeping with my quest to keep reading fun, I wanted to create a fun way to write short book reports to keep as a portfolio of their reading.  These fun journal pages make a quick way to write a book report without feeling like a bunch of work.

Short Summary - Just a brief paragraph about the book.
My Illustration - Draw and color a picture - about character or something that caught their attention.
Rating - Color in the stars - Do they rate it 1 star or 5 stars
# of pages - keeps track of # of pages read - maybe set a goal to earn something special
Would you recommend to a friend?
Favorite Character - another brief sentence about their favorite character.
Setting - Write down place and time
Favorite Part - Write a sentence about your favorite part of the book

Choose your cover from this download below! 

 Then choose your color scheme or use them all to make a fun book!

- Book Journal Page Sets - 

Click on color schemes below to begin download.


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