Friday, May 18, 2018

Gathering Candle - rolled beeswax

The gathering time.  A time together.  A lit candle starts the daily rhythm and kindles the love of learning.   A whispered prayer to ground my heart.  We prepare by hand rolling beeswax candles and stocking our basket for the coming school days ahead.  This needs to be habit.

A candle is like a teacher
who first provides the spark
that kindles love of learning
in children's minds and hearts.

Like a burning candle,
teachers light the mind
enriching the lives and futures
by sharing of their time.

So when you light this candle,
may its glow convey to you
warm appreciation
for all the things you do.

~Author Unknown


  1. We do the same thing but we make beeswax candles in a jar. We burn them everyday from the start of fall till the last day of winter. I love the poem.

    1. Lighting a candle is just a special way that seems to quiet our hearts before we begin our days. A flicker of light and the pause to embrace the moment. It's also a reminder to me to whisper that prayer for the Father's guidance among the day.


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