I write to share my heart and the daily pieces that are pulled together in faith through the trials and tribulations.

I'm happily married, mama raising 5 daughters, a mountain dweller, a homeschool teacher, and a person completely humbled by the gift of undeserved grace.

I'm married to my best friend of 27+ years and together we have 5 daughters, 2 son-in-laws, and 3 grandchildren and counting!   Dear husband is in law enforcement and thus I try to be really careful as to what I share in this small but big wide world space.

I'm passionate about homeschooling.  I love to snuggle up with warm blankets, light a candle, sip hot tea, and read aloud to my girls - think cozy!

Grab a sweet treat, light a scented candle, and enjoy a cup of your favorite warm drink while you visit!  My prayer is that you find a little encouragement and joy in the daily blessing of homemaking and homeschooling as I share my heart in each post.

I'm inspired by the blogs I read, and hope that in some small way, I can pass that blessing along.

Special blog mentors over the years include:  Delightful Learning, The Homespun Heart, With Great Joy, Farmhouse Schoolhouse, Homeschooling6, Prairie & Sky and so many more that are closed or fizzling away.

I pray that anyone who reads here will be led to the Father's grace.

If any blessings come from this blog,

 may the Father receive all the glory!

~my heart overflows as the
     happen daily

Dear husband & daughters -  I dedicate my writings to leave memories of the moments we treasure together as our Lessons Unfolded.  May we grow together through these moments to glorify our Creator and loving Father.   May you see the inner most pieces of my heart that I may not always know how to share.  ~all my love!

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