I am trying to keep a running list of Frequently Asked Questions to help answer questions faster and more efficiently! I get asked a lot of the same questions and I feel terrible when I can’t respond as quickly as I should.

Why the name?

The name was inspired by my Bible and some meaningful books and blogs that inspired me to slow down and see life's lessons unfolded - beauty from family, beauty from nature, beauty in learning beside my children, beauty from the ashes among the trials.

My Bible •  Rest Assured  •  The Homespun Heart  •  For the Children's Sake Gracelaced

I encountered some health problems and I realized that I needed to really pause and appreciate all that I already had around me and needed to embrace the beauty of resting in the Creator's master plan!  We aren't guaranteed a tomorrow, so I am choosing a well lived life full of gratitude for every today I am gifted here.

My candles are lit . . . I pause to feel the cozy and warmth of their flames slowly dancing on my heart.  The shadows cast a story in the flickering light.  It comforts me and brings a quieting calm to my soul.  

These moments are the . . .

Charlotte Mason Companion - p.22

"For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel,
“In returning and rest you shall be saved;
in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”"
Isaiah 30:15    

"...unless you change and
 become like little children,
you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Matthew 18:3

I'm trying to see the world through a child's eyes and it is amazing when we slow down enough to see all the sweet lessons of life unfolding.

When did you start blogging?

I was introduced to blogging by a cousin back in 2004 and started blogging on Xanga.  Shortly thereafter, homeschoolblogger started a community of bloggers that was dear to my heart.  I've been blogging somewhere about something for all those years and love the kindred connections I've made through blogging.   When homeschoolblogger ceased to exist, I sort of got lost in the transition of the ever growing blog world.  I think I've found my own little niche here as I quietly blog.

Have you always homeschooled?

The answer is no. I first heard of homeschooling when my oldest daughter was enrolled in Kindergarten. We lived in a very small town and I knew of only one family that homeschooled, and I thought they were weird! As the Father calls us to His ways, my heart has changed, and now WE ARE WEIRD, TOO!  I've been teaching at home for more than 17 years now and have no regrets.

To learn more about our homeschooling:

What is your favorite curriculum?

This is a hard question to answer because we’ve tried so many and loved many of them for all different reasons and seasons. I think each family needs to determine what their calling is for homeschooling and find methods and schedules to fit into this calling. I use what best fits my family for that particular school year. I prefer a gently structured homeschooling day that allows flexibility, extra learning adventures as we feel led, and always with a strong Biblical foundation.  Much of our learning is inspired by Charlotte Mason's educational foundation, but I am not a CM purest and have formed a mix of what works best for us over the years.  Each child is different and learns at a different pace with different delights.  I've tried to follow the lead of my children and always find that reading aloud together is key to amazing learning!

Some of our most treasured learning moments in the past and present have come from:

and we plan to use A Gentle Feast for the 2019-2020 school year!

The most important thing I can share is that whatever curriculum you decide to use, keep it as a tool to guide you and not a ball and chain that holds you back.

Do you still offer logos /web design?

I have a love for playing around with graphics and design, but with constant internet changes, I really haven't been able to keep up with the complicated scope that it takes to properly design.  I am happy to help with "simple" needs and will always try to help others as time permits.  I've had to learn (the hard way) to say "no" because my family, home, and school have to take priority, but please feel free to ask and if time permits, I may be able to help.

What camera /programs do you use for photography?

I used to use my Nikon D5200 and I am still learning, but since the iphone - I honestly find it so much easier to grab the moment and often use my cell phone now. I have a burning desire to learn more in the area of photography, but I have too many priorities ahead of this passion. I use Adobe Photoshop for editing. I like to use PhotoScape for page layouts. From time to time, I may use a stock photo.

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